INStantly build rapport with Brokers and Sellers
When I was getting started investing in Real Estate, my biggest fear was getting on the phone.  

If I did a survey right now, I'm confident I would find the #1 fear for most people is getting on the phone.  

You might be afraid of looking or sounding silly, be afraid of embarrassing yourself, or be afraid of someone asking questions you can't answer - especially if you're new to this.

I could always imagine these totally embarrassing questions...and thinking "What if someone realizes I've never done this before...?"

I understand all of this because I've been there myself.  

And that's why I created "Broker & Seller Scripts" to give you the confidence to have discussions with Brokers and with Sellers.
In this you'll learn the 3 keys to being successful during your conversations with Brokers and Sellers.  

These keys will help you instantly feel more comfortable and allow you to improve your calls.

Even if you're naturally shy or introverted, you'll be amazed at your progress after applying the principles in this course.
Broker & Seller Scripts / 
How a 12-year old Calls brokers
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Learn how a 12-year old Calls brokers
We have successful students as young and 10 and 12-years old!  They go through our training, follow our system, and close transactions.  

In this part of the program, you'll hear from one of our youngest students, Dylan McNaughton, who came to one of our 3-day training events.  

After that, he started using our Broker & Seller Scripts and started calling Brokers looking for deals.

I asked Dylan several questions:

- Do they understand that you're only 12-years old?
- Do they send you deals?
- Do they ever ask you for a Proof of Funds?
- Are you afraid to talk to these Real Estate Brokers?

Find out the surprising answers to these questions and much more in "How a 12-Year Old Calls Brokers".
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